June 19, 2015

10 MNOK cost saver for BP

From the article (translated by OptiLift):

Svein-Harald Hetland, crane- and lifting specialist in BP Norway, says that the company already is using the eqipment in test-cranes at Valhall, Skarv and Ula.

– We had a lift of 57 tonnes where we saved 20 days because the lift could be performed with up to 2,5 meter waveheight, compared to traditional 1 meter. Statistics show that it is approximately 10 times more days when these operations can be performed when the limit on wave heights is extended from one to 2,5 meters. In this single example we reduced costs in the order of 600 000 NOK per day, or somewhat above 10 MNOK for the entire operation, says Hetland.

Read the entire article here in Norwegian or here in English (translated by Optilift).