Laser sensors from Optilift deliver safety for overhead cranes on Valhall Oilfield

Since August 2020, two electric overhead travelling cranes fitted with Optilift´s advanced anti-collision laser sensors, have been operating on Aker...

Launches new software business model

Optilift prepares to offer its customer a service-solution for its automated crane and cargo handling software.

PSA-report shows increased number of unwanted crane related incidents on the Norwegian continental shelf

Use of new crane system technology could have a positive impact on these numbers, CEO argues.

New opportunity to remote control existing cranes by Optilift and Alpa

Optilift AS has formed a strategic partnership with Alpa AS, a subsidiary of the Axess Group.

Optilift parent company set to develop next-generation crane, forklift and drone autonomy

VOCA, the Optilift parent company, has received 13,1 MNOK from the Norwegian Research Council (Forskningsrådet) to develop the next-generation...

A fit for other industries

The VOCA Engine™ AI-technology platform could potentially be utilised in a vast array of fields and industries.

2020 priorities – A preview

The autonomous progress affects Optilift priorities for 2020.

Full scale testing next phase

The autonomous crane control system developed by Optilift and Aker BP labelled “very promising".

Autonomous crane control system demonstrated at Aker BP Headquarters

Optilift and Aker BP demonstrated their autonomous crane control system at the Aker BP headquarters in Stavanger.

Increase Safety — Reduce Costs

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