July 10, 2023

Successful 35-ton lift on Draugen despite challenging weather conditions

Motion Reporter saves the day.

Okea was planning a lift of a preassembled unit weighing 35 metric tons on the Draugen rig in March 2023. The crane has a maximum capacity of 45 metric tons. If they were going to use the traditional method of measuring the significant wave height using wave radar for determining if the lift was safe, this required a maximum significant wave height of 1.5 meters from the wave radar. Due to the weather conditions they calculated that there was a 4% chance of succeeding with the lift using this method.

When he learnt about Optilift Motion Reporter in January, Oskar Eidsaa who is Crane & Material Responsible at Okea contacted Optilift to get Motion Reporter in place in time for the planned lift. By March the system was installed and the lift was completed successfully.

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