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Motion Reporter

Measures the relative heave-movement on the vessel deck to reduce waiting for weather and helps avoid lifting in unsafe conditions.


  • Reduce waiting time for weather
  • Avoid lifting in unsafe conditions
  • Utilise the full capacity of the crane
  • Avoid re-entries and damage to equipment
  • Reduced rental-time of equipment
  • Does not require instrumentation of the supply vessels.

Motion Reporter is a DNV-certified technology and software that measures the relative heave-movement between the supply vessel and the boom tip of the crane. These measurements can replace significant wave height that is used according to the traditional method. Using Motion Reporter, you will not only ensure less waiting for weather, but you can also avoid lifting in unsafe conditions.

A 3D model of the vessel is created automatically by the software, without any instrumentation of the vessel itself. The measurement-results are rendered onto the vessel deck as a grid on the live video feed shown on the Crane Monitor.

The measurements of Effective Significant Wave height (HSEff) can be used as a full substitute of Significant Wave Height (HS), traditionally provided by a wave radar.

By analysing vessel arrivals in 2016 and 2017 shows that movements reported by Motion Reporter was on average 65% lower than what was reported by the wave radar. On the contrary, on rare occasions the wave radar reported lower movements than the actual heave movement that occurred on the vessel.

Watch the use case for Okea below, and read more here.

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