How we deliver

Optilift is all about
making things simple.
Here’s how we do it.

Select your solution

We will guide you through the selection process based on what type of operations you have and what you see as your most pressing challenges. We go through the purchasing process and set up a contract matching your requirements.


In the beginning we will need some information from you to make sure we start off on the right foot. To keep this simple we have created a in inquiry form with all the questions we need answered in one place. Based on this information we create a plan for the installation of our system.


The next step is a survey where we find information about the physical location where the system will be installed. As part of the survey process, we will also request any necessary permissions to make modifications on each location. The survey can be performed by us, one of our partners or by you. It will help speed up our delivery if you are happy to do this yourself, we will brief you and provide you with a checklist to make this straight forward for you as possible.

Installation and commissioning

With all the information collected, the system is ready to be installed. We will either perform installation ourselves, or through one of our partners. Our solutions can be retrofitted to existing cranes and machines, and may utilize existing cables, shortening installation time. After the installation we complete the commissioning and get it signed off.

User training

All the users who will interact with the system will get all necessary training. We will introduce everyone to the system in a briefing and will also enroll the users in an online exam.


We may need to perform some calibration before the system is fully ready to help you. The system may need to “get familiar” with what your site your looks like, such as your equipment and what your helmets and uniforms look like from above, as an example, which will be specific to your site.

Go Live

When all systems are ready, we go live. But we are still here for you. Our support desk is available, and we will also follow you up regularly.


All sensors are maintained and regularly tested as part of our maintenance agreement.