Hardware Sensors

Keeping an eye
on everything

Our latest generation non-contact hardware sensors are versatile and customizable units with onboard AI processing provided by our Software Platform.

Our sensors build on more than 10 years of development and experience within the harsh conditions of the offshore industry in the North Sea.

The sensors can be retrofitted to existing machines, and with the vast selection of software solutions it can enable faster, more cost efficient and safer cargo handling.

Our hardware sensors pave the way for remote controlled and autonomous cargo handling vehicles.

Read more about the software solutions for Offshore , Ports & Terminals and Other Industries.

Sensor Models

Sensor ONE Kit

Zone 1 ATEX certified boom tip-and crane cabin sensor kit for offshore cranes.


Weather-proof boom tip-and crane cabin sensor kit for onshore cranes, fixed and mobile, typically quay side cranes.

Drive Kit

Weather-proof sensor kit for fork-lifts, reach stackers and other wheel-based cargo handling machines.

Gangway Kit

Weather proof sensor for automated operation of vessel-mounted gangways.

Laser Sensor

Zone 1 ATEX certified smart IoT laser distance- and perimeter sensor.


Sensor base design with onboard processing provided by our Software Platform. Adaptable for new applications.