March 2, 2020

A fit for other industries

The driving force behind the different Optilift products – The VOCA Engine™ AI-technology platform – could potentially be utilised in a vast array of fields and industries.

The VOCA Engine™ platform has been developed for more than a decade, and has been supporting different applications in the offshore oil and gas industry since 2014.

Now Voca are looking to expand the use of their VOCA Engine™ technology platform into new fields and industries.

– We want to explore the possibilities of exporting our technology to a new set of users and projects. I am confident there should be exciting prospects out there, says VOCA Managing Director Torbjørn Engedal.

Motion-based AI-technology

The VOCA Engine™ is based on camera detection- and perception applications, as well as vision-based identification and tracking technology, making it potentially useful for a lot of different areas or industries.

– The VOCA Engine™ is extremely scalable and flexible. It`s quite easy, in relative terms, to facilitate an export of the technology into a vast array of other fields, says Engedal.

Mining, construction and agriculture, as well as the new, emerging maritime industries, such as wind-power and marine farming, is mentioned as potential areas for usage.

– All industries using large cranes or other equipment who can streamline operations based on identification are of interest, and many should find the VOCA Engine™-technology useful and interesting.

Team of experts

The technology-team behind the platform has extensive experience with research and development of robot-, computer-, and machine-vision software.

– What we are good at is free-range problem-solving where new and specific applications for artifical intelligence, remote control or autonomy are built from scratch, and then tailor made to become future off-the-shelf products for each individual use case.

Engedal says the VOCA-team is focused on providing solutions to problems that hasn´t been solved yet.

– This perspective has also guided our work with Aker BP in recent and previous years. Any field where some form of vision- or motion-based activity is set to take place should be possible for us to work with, he says.

Do you want to learn more about the VOCA Engine™ technology and how the company can help turn your project into autonomy?

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