From the time our company was founded, our mission was clear – we wanted to improve lifting‐ and logistics technology.

Based on feedback from our target industries, there were 3 key areas to develop:

  • Improve our clients’ safety
  • Improve our clients’ profitability
  • Reduce our clients’ CO2 footprint

Optilift AS – established in 2010 – is a technology development company focusing on innovative solutions for cranes, lifting and logistics. The technology development department is located in Kristiansand, and sales department located in Stavanger.

Optilift offers a range of products, technologies and solutions to improve safety, efficiency and logistics control related to lifting and cargo handling.

At the heart of all our solutions lies our robot vision- and artificial intelligence technology, combined with innovative and effective algorithms and software for optimum control and non-contact measurement capabilities.

Our passion

The team behind Optilift has a passion for creating technology, tools and products that enable safer and more efficient offshore lifting- and logistics operations, using new and innovative measurement and control technology combined with intuitive user interfaces and visualisations.

Our people

Camilla B. Nylund

Managing Director

20 years of experience in sales and marketing, and has been account manager for major oil companies during previous employments. Nylund is experienced in delivering complex solutions that involves improvement of work processes at customer sites. She also has experience in HR, recruitment and business development.

Torbjørn Engedal

CTO & Chair of the Board

Founder and CEO of VOCA AS. Founder, CTO and Chair of the Board of Optilift AS. Holds an MSc in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU, Norway. Engedal has twenty years of experience with industrial research and development, with main competencies within computer vision, robot technologies and industrial computer systems.

Albert Geldenhuys

Operation Supervisor

Albert Geldenhuys has extensive experience in mechanical design of tools and products for the oil and gas industry. His background is among other from designing, testing and commissioning of drilling machines and equipment at Cameron Sense (Schlumberger). In Optilift, Albert is in charge of development, production and deliveries of the Optilift Sensor Unit for end customers.

Håvard Ulvik

Quality / Project Manager

Håvard has a BSc within Petroleum Engineering from the University of Stavanger, Norway. He has extensive experience as a project manager and before joining Optilift he worked with mud-logging and drilling optimization, lastly at NOV.

Stig Larsen

Board member

Stig worked several years as an auditor, and was up to 2020 partner in KPMG. His role now involves supporting companies to scale and grow, and started as a Board member of Optilift, including Chair of the Board of VOCA, during spring 2021.


Research and development of the Optilift technology is carried out by mother company VOCA AS. The Optilift product series is powered by VOCA EngineTM.

VOCA is a technology development company based in Kristiansand, Norway. VOCA develops technology for intelligent machines operating in uncontrolled, harsh environments. The innovative robot vision and artificial intelligence technology platform, VOCA EngineTM, has been developed for more than a decade, and has been powering applications in the offshore industry since 2014.

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