December 18, 2013

Crane technology: up to the challenge

With reference to OPTILIFT Motion Reporter:

“Deck motion monitoring systems offer better safety and improved lifting effectiveness in bad weather,” says Hetland. “This is of great importance for BP in the North Sea, given the rough seas in winter.”

“Implementing these systems is straightforward, involving the replacement of the boom-tip camera, monitor and one computer module. Overall, the more accurate lift weight estimates combined with other features, translate to safer working and a wider weather window.

“These systems give the crane operator a good indication of when the crane tip is vertically above the container, so if he lifts it up, it reduces the possibility of the load swinging, which could be a hazard for the deck crew,” says Hetland.”

With reference to OPTILIFT Integrated Logistics:

Computer-based integrated logistics applications are also helping lifting teams do their work more quickly, effectively and safely.

“One of the limits today is available space offshore,” says Hetland. “Sometimes the containers will go out several weeks or even months before the project teams are going offshore. With these programmes, you can see the location of your containers and other goods and cargo at all times. It helps you optimise the use of your supply vessels and also how you use the cargo deck areas onboard the platform.”

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