October 11, 2019

Optilift demonstrated at Aker Solutions Unmanned Demo Day

Several companies, including Optilift, gave demonstrations at the Aker Solutions Unmanned Demo Day event at the headquarters of Aker Solutions at Fornebu, Oslo.

The friday event presented new and innovative digital solutions for the offshore industry, all initiated by Aker Solutions and their associated partners such as Aker BP, Palfinger, Optilift and Rotork – among others.

According to Aker Solutions, “unmanned and low-manned platform facilities are one of the key initiatives needed to be able to address the challenges the offshore industry face going forward”.

Personnel safety and reduced costs

– The industry needs to build new and innovative unmanned solutions to increase personnel safety, reduce carbon footprint and lower operational costs, Philip Namork, Department Manager Field Design at Aker Solutions said during his morning introduction of the event.

Namork also mentioned the central industry trends that support the need for such new and unmanned solutions.

– There is an increased oil price volatility, and new discoveries are often reduced in size compared to historic findings. New discoveries are also often located in harsh and remote areas, he explained.

Ivar Aasen onshore control room

Aksel Giset (top picture), IAA Operation Officer at Aker Solutions, demonstrated one of the recent digital evolvements from Aker Solutions as he demonstrated their Ivar Aasen onshore control room facilities live from his presentation.

– Our onshore control room facilities, located in Trondheim, demonstrate the potential of remote operations, he said.

– This project has been a journey for us since its launch in January, and we have learned a lot about the need for motivating and continuously training and involving our staff and personnel as the project has evolved.

The key areas adressed during the day were Remote Operations, Minimized Maintenance and Remote Inspection, where Optilift demonstrated the company technology.