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Deck Planner with Cargo Tracker

Cargo Tracker enables the Deck Planner to become a logistical digital twin that shows location of cargo in real-time, it allows you to plan and communicate lifting sequences to the crane and receives & shows automatic updates of cargo location and vessel events.


  • Find and track your cargo
  • Optimise deck space utilisation
  • Digitalize lifting and logistics operations
  • Simulate and track lifting operations
  • Live deck pictures with Maps feature
  • Shows location of cargo in real-time.
  • Plans and communicates lifting sequences to the crane and deck crew.
  • Sends events to subscribers on cargo movements.

The Deck Planner is a web application that shows a 3D model of offshore installations and vessels with special focus on showing current status of loading decks, with integrated capability of planning lifting sequences and deck space utilizations.

The Deck Planner allows creation of lifting plans with an intuitive drag- and drop functionality. Lifting plans can be used to simulate future deck status.

When a lifting plan is created, it can be sent to the crane monitor and logistics pad, allowing crane operators and deck crew to have a digital view of the planned lifts with the Lift Reporter. A search-function allows you to quickly find cargo and their last known location, which is automatically updated by the CCU Tracker (Cargo Tracker) and Site Observer software modules that are executed at the crane, using a compatible Optilift sensor.

Press the button below to watch video demonstration of End to End Logistics Planning and Execution using the Deck Planner with Cargo Tracker.

How does it work?

The sensor technology automatically registers the location of the cargo on deck of vessels and rigs. The location data can be integrated and automatically updated in the customer logistics system, and is shown in real-time in the Deck Planner. This will reduce the need for manual registrations and tagging of cargo / CCUs (Cargo Carrying Unit).

The cargo is tracked using computer vision, utilizing a combination of unique features for each container, such as size, marks and corrosion and our proprietary AI-based optical character recognition, trained specifically for cargo transiting the offshore oil and gas industry.

The cost savings are significant:

  • CCU-location is updated automatically in real-time
  • Fewer internal lifts on platforms and rigs
  • Better planning and actual execution of plans
  • Better utilisation of loading decks
  • Immediate alerts when goods arrive or are late
  • Avoid searching of goods
  • Avoid wrongful returns of goods