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Remote Control Room

The Remote Control Software Suite from Optilift offers features for remote and autonomous control of cranes and other machines, where the control of the machine is located far away e.g. onshore.


  • Enables remote operation of offshore cranes and other machine types.
  • Provides real-time and low-latency video and audio from remote crane.
  • Provides “Assisted Autonomy” by planning lifting sequences using Deck Planner or Yard Planner
  • Operators can quickly switch between cranes or vehicles, even at different remote sites.

Optilift can provide hardware- and software solutions for remote- and autonomous control of cranes and other types of machines. This includes remote capture of video and audio, transferred with minimum lag and robust detection of connectivity status.

The smart crane or machine with the autonomy & assistance functions will provide a safe and reliable remote operation even if network connections are interrupted or delayed.