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Soft Lifting Assistant

Helps crane operator perform soft landing and lift-off by indicating the ideal timing based on real-time velocities at the exact lift-off/landing area.


  • Helps perform soft landing and lift-off.
  • Uses the actual heave movement to help timing of the lift.
  • Reduce the dynamic forces during lifting
  • Reduce the risk of re-entry
  • Reduce the risk of damage to equipment

The Soft Lifting Assistant is a software tool for estimating and visualising to the crane operator when to perform lift-off and landing, utilising motion estimations from the Motion Reporter feature.

Visualisation is provided at the Crane Monitor, but can also be provided with an LED-light strip along the crane cabin window, to enable the crane operator to have full focus on the load and the vessel.

By measuring the relative heave motions between the boom tip and supply vessel deck, the timing information for optimal lifts are provided using a visual indicator on the side of the screen. The indicator will show by colour coding when to prepare for a landing or a lift-off, and when to perform the lift.