September 26, 2019

Supports ASCO in digitalization project

ASCO set to implement Optilift Digital Logistics products in their effort to create automated tracking of container movement in Tananger.

The ASCO base in Tananger is set to undergo a full digital transformation, as the supply chain player have been granted financial support from the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket) to help implement a new digital workflow to their daily operations.

– We need to move away from being all analogue in our operations to fully digital, a move we believe will enable us to create more effective logistics both for ourselves and our customers, Innovation And Digitalization Manager at ASCO Christopher Hoftun says.

Saved costs through less transportation

A key part of the upcoming transformation is digital tracking of container movement within the ASCO logistical environment.

– Digital Logistics from Optilift will help us gain new and improved quality on logistical information from containers and their positions. Digital identification of containers can offer our operations access to real-time information, he explains.

Hoftun mentions the benefits such a scenario will impose.

– We will be able to reduce the number of shipments needed to serve our clients. Containers can also be placed more effective and in turn reduce the number of internal lifts needed, both on- and offshore. Reduced shipments and lifts mean less time-waste, and more importantly, saved costs through less transportation – both for our customers and ASCO.

– In turn, because of the increased efficiency, our operations will also emit less CO2, he states.

Camilla Nylund, General Manager at Optilift, look forward to working with ASCO.

– This is an exciting opportunity for us, as we will extend an already fruitful collaboration, Nylund says, citing an existing partnership between ASCO and Optilift on different 2017 EU-projects.

– Our new project is also strategically very important for Optilift, as we will pilot new core functionalities to our Digital Logistics system. Hopefully we will be able to provide a seamless identification-process of the container movement, she says.

Prepared personnel

The ASCO Base Manager Tommy Steinbru says all levels of staff and employees have been involved in the planning process of the upcoming digital transformation.

– By involving our personnel in the proposed change of workflow we have been able to receive their feedback on which specific tasks that need to be automated and digitalized.

– I think it has made our staff more receptive to a modern digital change, he adds.

The ASCO base in Tananger is the main supply base for operators such as Lundin, Aker BP and Repsol Norway.